Rent camping gear 3 days 2 nights

Rent kayaks and gear for your next outdoor adventure in the Stockholm archipelago.

Choose the equipment you need for your adventure (dates and location will be the same as for your kayak rental).

The tents are 2-person dome tents from Urberg (suitable for 1-2 people).

The stoves are classic and reliable Trangia outdoor stoves with gas burner (suitable for 1-3 people). Gas is included in the rental.

The sleeping bags are from Haglöfs and comes with a liner sheet. Sleeping bags and liners are washed after every use.

The sleeping pads from Exped are comfortable yet portable.

General information

Get Out Kayak offers rental service of kayaks and camping gear. The picture shows a man just waking up in a tent in the sunrise in the Stockholm archipelago.




Single kayak (K1)

Double kayak (K2)

1-3 hours (walk-in)

395 SEK

595 SEK

1 day (same day return)

595 SEK

995 SEK




2 days 1 night

995 SEK

1595 SEK

3 days 2 nights

1395 SEK

2295 SEK

4 days 3 nights

1795 SEK

2795 SEK

5 days 4 nights

1995 SEK

3195 SEK

6 days 5 nights

2195 SEK

3395 SEK

7 days 6 nights

2395 SEK

3495 SEK




Camping equipment

2 days 1 night

Extra day

2-person dome tent

400 SEK

100 SEK/day

Outdoor stove + gas

200 SEK

50 SEK/day

Sleeping bag + liner

200 SEK

50 SEK/day

Sleeping mat

100 SEK

25 SEK/day







Different end location

250 SEK/kayak