Daytrips with kayak

We offer two kinds of daytrips: self-guided and guided. For both trips, we will provide you with a suggested route and instructions how to kayak. All daytrips are approximately 10:00–16:30 and you can choose between paddling single and double kayaks.

The self-guided daytrip is appropriate for couples, families and groups of friends who want to spend a nice day in the archipelago. We give you an easy-to-navigate route and then you explore the area on your own. You do not need any previous experience from kayaking, as we have stable sea kayaks and will adapt the route depending on your level of experience and the weather. The self-guided daytrip can be booked any day of the week.

The guided daytrip is perfect if whether you are an experienced kayaker looking for someone to go paddling with, or if you have never kayaked before and want to have someone show you both how and where to kayak. Anyone can book a spot on our guided daytrips, so while couples, families and groups are very welcome to book the guided daytrips are a good option if you want to go kayak, but have no one else to go with. On the guided daytrip our instructors will accompany you and show you the way. The guided daytrip can be booked every week Wednesday–Friday.

Read more about each kind of daytrip by following the links below, and please contact us if you have any questions!

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