Self-guided tour package

Experience the calm and beauty of the Stockholm archipelago on our self-guided kayak tour. This all-inclusive package lets you explore some of the most beautiful nature in Sweden. You can choose between single (one-person) kayaks and double (two-person) kayaks and start any day of the week. 

Single kayak tour package Double kayak tour package 


Trip information

Included in the package

What you will get

What to bring

  • Professional gear for kayaking, navigation and safety
  • All camping gear needed, including tent, sleeping bags, bed linen and sleeping mat
  • Cooking stove, fuel, food preparation and eating equipment
  • Waterproof dry-bags and smartphone case for packing your stuff
  • Basic instructions on kayaking technique and safety considerations
  • A curated scenic route to follow with suggested rest stops and campsites, both on physical map and coordinates for your smartphone
  • 2 sets of clothes (1 to wear, 1 spare)
  • Towel, swimwear & sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Food & beverages