Our locations – Three kayak centers

Get Out Kayak offer kayaking experiences from our three centers at Stavsnäs, Sollenkroka and Bullandö, all with different kinds of wild nature close at hand. All three locations are frequently used as starting points by the Stockholm kayak community due to their closeness to some of the best kayaking waters that the Stockholm archipelago has to offer. Read more below 👇

Get Out Kayak map of the locations of our bases in Stockholm archipelago.

Get Out Kayak Stavsnäs

Paddlers paradise – The breathtaking outer reaches

Get Out Kayak Stavsnäs is the perfect outpost for multi-day kayaking trips along the outer reaches of the Stockholm Archipelago. Stavsnäs is our main base and a very popular starting location regardless of prior kayaking experience. It is also an access point for Stockholm Kayak Trail. From Stavsnäs, you quickly reach beautiful natural reserves such as Bullerö naturreservat and Långviksskärs naturreservat.

The kayak center is located at the Stavsnäs guest harbour (Stavsnäs gästhamn) in the archipelago hub of Stavsnäs vinterhamn. Click here for a map 🗺

Get Out Stavsnäs can be accessed by bus (~50 min) or car from Stockholm city, and there are plenty of parking lots at a fee. Find your departure with SL from "Slussen" to "Stavsnäs vinterhamn" here. At Stavsnäs, there is a large grocery store located about about 400 meters from the kayak center, and at Get Out Kayak Stavsnäs there is WC, shower and sauna available.

Get Out Kayak Sollenkroka

The idyllic and lush central archipelago

Get Out Kayak Sollenkroka is the ideal access point for multi-day trips in the idyllic central archipelago with its many small islands, calm bays and idyllic red cottages. From Sollenkroka you reach the beautiful natural reserves of Hjälmö-Lådna and Träskö-Storö. Sollenkroka is also an access point for the Stockholm Kayak Trail.

The kayak center is located right next to Sollenkroka brygga (you can't miss it). Click here for a map 🗺

Get Out Sollenkroka can be accessed by bus (~1 h) or car from Stockholm City and there are normally parking lots available at a fee. Find your departure with SL from "Slussen" to "Sollenkroka brygga" here. At Sollenkroka Brygga, there is a small gas station with a small convenient shop as well as a food shack. We recommend grocery shopping in the city before transport out to Sollenkroka Brygga.

Get Out Kayak Bullandö

The perfect daytrip

Get Out Kayak Bullandö is the perfect location for an archipelago daytrip with friends or family. Kayak to a beach or small island for a swim, or to a nearby restaurant for lunch. From here you can also rent kayaks for multi-day trips, either kayaking north via Sollenkroka or east via Stavsnäs.

The kayak center lies inside Bullandö Marina, one of the largest marinas in the area, with a great restaurant, award winning ice cream shop and a relaxed harbour vibe. Many of our guests choose to enjoy an Italian coffee accompanied by a gelato ice cream before returning back to the city in the evening. Click here for a map 🗺

Get Out Kayak Bullandö can be accessed by bus (~50 min) or car from Stockholm city, and there are plenty of parking lots free of charge. Find your departure with SL from "Slussen" to "Bullandö" here. At Get Out Kayak Bullandö there is a small grocery store, WC, shower and sauna available inside the marina.

A-to-B trips

Most kayakers start and end their trips at the same location due to convenience and the challenging logistics. We are proud to be able to offer our multi-day guests the option to kayak between our different locations. You could, for example, start your trip at Sollenkroka and end it four days later at Stavsnäs. If you are interested in organizing an A-to-B trip, read more here.

You can also send us an email (hello@getoutkayak.se) or give us a call (+46 8-520 275 65) if you have questions or want help planning your trip!