Rent kayaks and gear

Rent kayaks and gear for your next outdoor adventure in the Stockholm archipelago, from one of our kayak centers at Stavsnäs or Sollenkroka. We offer professional single (K1) and double (K2) sea kayaks and all the high quality outdoor equipment you need to complement your own gear and be ready to discover the Swedish outdoors on your own.

With kayak rental, a route planning session with one of our guides is included, where we suggest a route based on your preferences, the current weather and the length of your tour.

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If you want an all-inclusive kayaking and wild camping adventure, check out our tour packages. For daytrips, check out our Guided daytrips or and Self-guided daytrips.


General information

Get Out Kayak offers rental service of kayaks and camping gear. The picture shows a man just waking up in a tent in the sunrise in the Stockholm archipelago.

Pricing for kayak rentals


Single kayak (K1)

Double kayak (K2)

1 day

995 SEK

1445 SEK

2 days 1 night

1395 SEK

2245 SEK

3 days 2 nights

1895 SEK

3095 SEK

4 days 3 nights

2395 SEK

3895 SEK

5 days 4 nights

2895 SEK

4495 SEK

6 days 5 nights

3295 SEK

5095 SEK

7 days 6 nights

3695 SEK

5695 SEK




Camping equipment

2 days 1 night

Extra day

2-person dome tent

400 SEK

100 SEK/day

Outdoor stove

200 SEK

50 SEK/day

Sleeping bag + liner

200 SEK

50 SEK/day

Sleeping mat (inflatable)

200 SEK

50 SEK/day

Sleeping mat (foam)

150 SEK

25 SEK/day

Deck compass

100 SEK

25 SEK/day





Different end location

350 SEK

per kayak

Comfort upgrade (camping chair, pillow, spa kit)

550 SEK

per person

Weather package (kayak jacket, neoprene gloves, rain hat)

350 SEK

per person