Rent single kayaks (K1)

Here you can add single (one-person) kayaks to your booking

 Add double (two-person) kayaks to your booking

 Add camping gear to your booking


For rental of kayaks and gear, we offer two starting locations depending on your preference: 

  • Stavsnäs lets you quickly arrive at "paddlers' paradise" – wild nature and the breathtaking outer reaches. Stavsnäs is also great for daytrips.
  • Sollenkroka offers kayaking in idyllic Swedish nature – red cottages and lush vegetation


If you are interested in doing an A-to-B trip, rather than coming back to the same starting location, we would be happy to help you. Just add the A-to-B trip option to your reservation.


High quality one-person kayaks from Norwegian brand SeaBird that are easy to manoeuvre with integrated rudder. We offer three variants:

  • regular (reliable expedition sea kayaks)
  • long (same as regular but with extra leg space, suitable for people 185+ cm)
  • beginner (slightly wider, good if you want more stability or extra space)

    If you want to mix different kinds of kayaks, add one variant at a time to your booking and make sure to choose the same location and dates

    If you want an all-inclusive kayaking and wild camping adventure, check out our all-inclusive tour packages.

    General information

    Get Out Kayak offers rental service of kayaks and camping gear. The picture shows a man just waking up in a tent in the sunrise in the Stockholm archipelago.




    Single kayak (K1)

    Double kayak (K2)

    1-3 hours (walk-in from 12:00)

    495 SEK

    795 SEK

    Full day

    695 SEK

    1095 SEK




    2 days 1 night

    995 SEK

    1695 SEK

    3 days 2 nights

    1495 SEK

    2395 SEK

    4 days 3 nights

    1895 SEK

    2895 SEK

    5 days 4 nights

    2195 SEK

    3295 SEK

    6 days 5 nights

    2395 SEK

    3695 SEK

    7 days 6 nights

    2595 SEK

    3995 SEK




    Camping equipment

    2 days 1 night

    Extra day

    2-person dome tent

    400 SEK

    100 SEK/day

    Outdoor stove

    200 SEK

    50 SEK/day

    Sleeping bag + liner

    200 SEK

    50 SEK/day

    Sleeping mat

    150 SEK

    25 SEK/day

    Deck compass

    100 SEK

    25 SEK/day







    Different end location

    250 SEK/kayak