Kayak daytrip (double kayak)

PLEASE NOTE: the daytrip bookings can only be done 30 days or less before a specific date. For example, availabilities for July 1st are released on June 1st.

Here you can add Kayak daytrip with double (two-person) kayaks to your booking.

Add Kayak daytrip with single (one-person) kayaks to you booking

Our kayak daytrips start and end at our kayak center at Stavsnäs.


High quality two-person sea kayaks that are fast in the water and easy to manoeuvre with the integrated rudder. They fit two people, either two adults or one adult and one child, and are very stable.

If you want to mix different kinds of kayaks, add one variant at a time to your booking and make sure to choose the same dates!

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